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From Misdemeanors to Felonies, We Have Your Defense Covered.


At GT Litigation, we recognize the profound impact a criminal charge can have on your life. Our dedicated team of criminal defense attorneys is here to guide you through the complexities of the legal system and provide unwavering support. Understanding criminal offenses is the first step towards building a robust defense strategy, and we are committed to ensuring your rights are protected.


If you’re being accused of sexual assault, you may begin facing discrimination in your community. Sexual assault charges can have irreparable damage to one’s reputation. The stakes are high, and you can’t afford any guesswork when choosing legal representation. Our lawyers are considered an authority in defending sexual offence victims.


A serious domestic assault or violence charge can impact your social life in ways you never anticipated. This often traumatic experience can worsen when you are restricted from contacting your loved ones as the case drags on. We know that domestic violence allegations can attract zero-tolerance policies which may hurt innocent people.


If you’re facing drug charges, the decision you make on your legal representation can make or break your future. A competent criminal lawyer might result in a withdrawal of the charges, especially if the police violated one’s rights and freedoms. We understand the CDSA (Controlled Drugs and Substances Act) and our team will explain all your rights and options. 


If you're facing charges of Impaired Driving or Over 80, the implications extend beyond legal consequences, potentially casting shadows on your personal and professional life. Accusations of impaired driving can lead to social stigma and jeopardize your standing in the community. With the stakes high and your reputation at risk, selecting the right legal representation becomes paramount.

Why Us?

  • We are fully committed to your case from start to finish

  • We prepare strong legal arguments that work in your favour

  • We are very realistic when communicating to our clients about their options

  • We understand the inner workings of the criminal justice system and use this to our advantage

  • Our Prices are always competitive.


  • We deliver discreet, effective and professional legal representation

  • Our clients are assured of the best possible results for their cases

  • We are great cross-examiners

  • We have extensive courtroom experience

  • We offer highly competitive prices

Why us?

  • We pay attention to detail in every case and offer a customer-centric approach

  • We work tirelessly to achieve the best results possible for each client

  • We have impressive cross-examination skills

  • Our fees are very competitive

Why us?

  • We carefully craft legal arguments to increase your chances of a successful outcome

  • We are skilled cross-examiners of police officers

  • We have a proper understanding of drug laws

  • We have defended countless drug prosecutions across Ontario.

Why us?

  • We know a lot about Impaired Driving Over 80 cases and can defend you well.

  • We have a good track record of helping our clients get good results.

  • We focus on you and create strategies that fit your needs to represent you effectively.

  • We work hard to challenge evidence and procedures to build a strong defense for you.

  • People know us for being honest, professional, and always seeking justice in impaired driving defense.

In the realm of justice, I stand as a vigilant guardian of rights, navigating the intricate corridors of the legal system to champion the cause of those accused. With a resolute commitment to fairness, I strive to turn the pages of adversity into a story of redemption.

- George Tsimiklis

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